The Father Arthur Du Vernay Du Plessis, a Man with Golden Hand, had not much , but the small he had, he had been able leave a Legacy that has impact positively and continuing to do so, to the people of D.R.Congo.

He has not only preached the Gospel of Christ, but He has showed that our works are supposed to speak for us.

As The Bible says: ” Faith without works is dead.”

He made sure that everyone ,specially children, see life as a gift and not as a curse, in a place where no hope has found. He always believed that everybody always has something to share. If everyone can smile, so we definitely has something amazing to give, because a smile can make someone’s day brighter.

He believed in everyone without exception. He let friends to join his dream, and that is where we are today. A dream came true.

With a help of some friends, together , they have made this amazing and beautiful home for strangers who are now called family.

And today Bondeko is asking You to share that same experience and would appreciate and thank You for Your support. And for us to be able to continue to spread the love all over, through our works, and donations.

With a joyful Heart , we say  THANK YOU.

ACCOUNT HOLDER: Congrégation du missionnaire de Scheut a.s.b.l

NAME OF THE BANK: Pax-Bank eG köln .

ADDRESS OF THE BANK: Christophstraße 35, 50670 köln, Germany

IBAN: DE 853 706 019 300 572 860 16