A. CENTRE D’ACCUEIL BONDEKO (Reception Center) :

There You will find :

1. Families, Young Priest or devoted ones , Young devoted women and also everyone who are   willing to put his work together for the sake of His Brothers and Sisters.


2. Rooms for people who come for retraite, or who wants some peace, and we use the rooms for our weekly retraite that Bondeko gives to share about God, about Live, society and many more. We have Retraite for Youth, for Couples , for  Single , and others.


3. We have also Cooking Service, that cares for everyone willing to spend some times in Bondeko.


4. A Conference Hall, were we talk about how a woman can be able to take care of herself, Were we talk about how to fight Poverty, and discuss about other things.


5. The Chapel :  Where we all come together and pray as a big family. We have 3 different choirs: Junior Choir, Coeur de l’Unité (Heart of Unity) and Senior Choir.

Twice in a week They meet in their respective place of practice and the Whole Bondeko is full of Singing, Laughter, Joy.



To help his Neighbor, The Father ARTHUR and his friends came up with the initiative of an Hospital. Still in the Spirit of Love, He always wanted to ease the pain of his Brothers and Sisters. And always wanted them to be treated with love and Compassion.



Children as always been His Friends, I was one of them. And he always made sure a child has a safe place and live a life without worries. So here we have the Bondeko Orphanage. For now, they only take Boys, but in some cases, that they have to save a life, then in those cases, they can also take Girls, and They place them in Centre Bondeko. Where I was. And during my staying there, I had quite many sisters (Orphan), and we still talk till today.



Bondeko as the word says, doesn’t make difference between people. Everyone must find His place.

So we have 

      1. Classes For Young Mothers,

      2. Computer Science

      3. Cooking Class

      4. Sewing Class

      5. Mechanic

      6. Primary School